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Waves are the Sepura distributor in UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait & Iraq.

Sepura, UK

Sepura is now the second largest TETRA radio supplier worldwide, with large market shares in the UK, Russia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 

Of all TETRA suppliers, Sepura's products are unique, operating widely on all TETRA infrastructures. Sepura supplies over 800 end-user organisations in over 90 countries, and is market leader in more than 36 of them.

What makes Sepura radios different


Sepura radios lead the industry. They are light and robust, with innovative features designed to make life safer and easier for users. Sepura offers the largest range of TETRA radios, supporting every TETRA frequency band, operate on every manufacturer's infrastructure, and are certified for use on all the major public safety networks.

Key features of our radios include:

  • The most accurate and award-winning GPS functionality, to locate users quickly even in built-up environments

  • The most powerful vehicle radios (10 Watt) to extend working range

  • Common user interface across all products to aid ease-of-use andminimize training

  • Fast configuration and multi-radio programming to speed up rollout and minimize support costs

  • Three-year warranty, which can be extended up to five years


In addition to the many police forces across Europe, we supply military customers ranging from the US Department of Defense to the armies of Greece, Norway,

South Korea and the UK, as well as fire brigades, ambulance services, airports and

public transport organisations.

Commercial users include Air France, Russian Railways, Petroleum Development Oman, Saudi Electricity Company, China Light, Samsung Shipyard in South Korea and Gdynia Container Terminal in Poland.

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Tetra Police Radios
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