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Satellite Communications


We provide a range of products that cover two primary areas: Land and Marine.

Our satellite products are dual use in that they can be used in both environments although some product lines are targeted at one or the other area. Likewise, we also sell radio products that are aimed at both vessels and on land.


Xtra-Link represents four main satellite brands:

                                      Bgan, Fleetbroadband, Tracking

                                      and handheld services.



                                      Bgan, Fleetbroadband, Aeronautical

                                      and radio equipment manufacturer.


                                      Handheld and Data services.



                                      Handheld services.





Products represent only one half of the story in that we also provide a number of service options covering satellite airtime on the Inmarsat, Thuraya and Iridium networks. We recently introduced a marine tracking service specifically designed for yachtsmen, including a real time mapping display that is perfect for use in racing environments.

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SOLO7 Nanovue HD Reciever
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