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Roger-GPS Ltd.


Waves are the Roger-GPS Partners in the UAE

Roger-GPS Ltd. - Time2Act:

The increasing popularity of devices and applications being able to navigate fast has given rise to expectations that the devices would be able to operate indoors as well. Positioning system solutions are widely used in all communication networks including Mission Critical operations from public safety to transport. All networks use the GNSS -navigation signal for time synchronization.

ROGER-GPS is specialized in Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) repeating technology. GNSS comprises systems such as GPS, Glonass, Galileo and BeiDou. ROGER-GPS proven system concept enables the use of GNSS repeater devices
and services in places where it was previously impossible. Our customers include

a wide range of users who need GNSS signal reception or time synchronization.

Users like telecom, public safety, defense, transport, airlines, logistics and
companies manufacturing, selling and servicing GNSS systems, receivers, terminals and services.

ROGER-GPS is the leading European manufacturer of GNSS solutions worldwide.

In September 2008 ROGER-GPS got acceptance of the world first type approved,

CE-certified GPS repeater product by the communications authority. ROGERGPS provides repeaters, splitters and amplifiers for GPS L1, L2, Glonass L1 and Galileo satellite signals. The products are manufactured in Finland and used in all continents through our worldwide distribution network.

In 2015 ROGER-GPS introduced first in the world two new concepts into the market:

• Leaky feeder cable GNSS repeater solution, possibility to use leaky feeder cable         allowing e.g. tunnel and wide indoor area coverage.

• RF over Fiber solutions – possibility to extend the distance from the GNSS antenna     even up to 16 km and distribute the signal with fiber splitters to areas and

   applications like IP network synchronization -IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol
   (PTP) and Network Time Protocol (NTP) applications.

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GPS Repeater IP67
GNSS-L1L2G1GA-ANT, GPS L1-L2, Glonass G1
GNSS-L1L2G1GA-67, GNSS repeater
GNSS-S-IP67, Splitter
OZ600, RF over Fiber
GNSS-AS-IP67, Line Amplifier-Splitter
How Roger GNSS Repeater works
GPSR-BP Basic Package
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