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Waves are the BHE distributor in the UAE region.

BHE, Hungary:


BHE is a 100% Hungarian-owned company founded in 1991 to develop and manufacture high performance, competitively priced RF and Microwave systems and solutions. Currently the company supplies such solution to various players and institutions mainly in the Defence, the Aerospace and Mobile Industry. These products are widely used in extreme conditions or places where reliability is a top matter could it be the International Space Station, major sports stadium or international airports.

Due to the continuous demand for innovation, research and development, more than 50% of BHE’s employees are highly skilled top engineers and microwave experts, who gained their experience in the industrial, military and space research groups at other companies, university or academic research sites: Many of who spent years in the USA, Germany and Japan as development engineers.

Today BHE is present in close to 30 countries worldwide, and its export is growing rapidly. Among the main references there are the mobile service providers, Indian and Western European aerospace and defence industry companies. By its technology BHE offers complex civil safety solutions too, which ranges from the unmanned vehicles system to many areas of modern telecommunications.


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1: Signal sources

2: Frequency converters

3: Repeaters

4: RF subsystems

5: Systems

6: Passives



1: Defence

2: Critical communication

3: Mobile-Wireless

4: Space

5: UAS and Airborne

6: General RF and Microwave

BRTM31 TETRA Digital Medium Repeater
BRTS25 TETRA Band Selective PICO Repeater
BRTL31 TETRA Digital Large Repeater
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