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Radio Accessories

At Waves we carry a wide range of standard and specialized radio accessories to

suit a diverse range of customer applications. We can also look at customizing  accessories to satisfy customer requirements.

Sepura Accessories:

A comprehensive range of accessories is available including:

  • Personal Rapid Charger

  • In-car DC Charger

  • 1+1 Desktop Charger

  • 6+6 Desktop Charger

  • Multi-way Charger supporting 12 or 24 standalone batteries

  • Car kits

  • Wide Range of Antennas

  • Stud and Belt Attachments

  • Rugged Belt Clip

  • Rugged and Soft Leather Cases

  • Basic IP55 Remote Speaker Microphone

  • Advanced Remote Speaker Microphone with soft-keys,                                with/without Integral Antenna

  • Personal Ear Pieces

  • RS232 serial and USB Data Leads

  • Multi-way programming units




The Enhanced Car Kit comprises:

  • Cradle into which the STP8000 radio is inserted.

  • Comprehensive installation kit.

  • An interface box housing all electronics and connectors

  • Power loom and fuses.

  • Installation and User Guide.




In some instances, it may be necessary to provide a simpler car kit solution.

The Basic car kit performs two functions:

1) Converts the 12V car battery voltage down to 10V, to allow charging of Sepura            STP8000 series Radios.

2) Provides cabling to facilitate an external Antenna connection. No other function             is supported.

There are 2 basic car-kit options


  1. Direct connection                                                                                              

  2. Cigar lead connection



Audio Accessories from CeoTronics 

CeoTronics AG – More than just headsets. (


CeoTronics has established itself as a leading systems provider for mobile digital radio networks and terminal equipment used in local applications, as well as high-quality professional communications headsets and systems.

Performance leader in the premium segment

Ever since its formation in 1985, CeoTronics has been leading the industry in quality and performance. First-class consultancy and customer services, superb product quality in terms of both features and workmanship, the use of cutting-edge technology and a flexible approach to developing custom systems have all played their part.


System compatibility

CeoTronics communication accessories are available for digital terminals with Tetra, Tetrapol, GSM and authorities radio standards, and for all standard analogue radios. Even the mobile CeoTronics digital radio networks and terminals (CT-DECT) can be integrated in the above-mentioned radio networks as supplements where required.


Quality management at the highest level

The economic feasibility of an investment results from the benefit and from the costs of a product over the complete service life. The costs of a product are influenced by the purchase price itself and in particular by the quality No customer can put up with long or frequent product down times, costs for constant repairs or even accidents as a result of the failure of a communication system. Demanding customers appreciate the functional security, durability and high economic efficiency of CeoTronics products, which are never cheap but always value for money.


Certified and guaranteed

These examples from our successful quality management system have contributed to CeoTronics being the first company in our communication branch being certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ATEX Directive 94/9/EG. CeoTronics is an officially acknowledged, registered NATO supplier. The customer satisfaction analysis that has been carried out for years is also quite clear: the recommendation rate for CeoTronics products has been over 95% for years. Innovation and permanent quality improvement are the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy. CeoTronics uses only the highest quality components, inspects each product individually before shipping, works in accordance with its own high level production and quality assurance standards, develops and produces in Germany and guarantees an excellent cost effectiveness. This is why we give up to 3-year guarantee on our products.


Customer Groups/Products:

STP Personal Rapid Charger
STP Vehicle Rapid Charger
1+1 charger
STP 6+6 Charger
Multi-way Battery Charger
STP Remote Speaker Microphone
STP Rugged Leather Case
Sepura Antennas
Sepura STP Beltclip
Sepura Batteries
SRG USB  Data Programming Cable
STP Serial Programming Cable
Basic Car Kit
Car Kit Audio Accessories
CT NeckbandHeadset
CT MultiPTT 2C Plus
CT MultiPTT 2C Plus Man
CT MultiPTT 2C Plus CT-ClipCom EarMike
CT CombiCom
CT MultiPTT 2C Plus CT-ClipCom BoomMike.
CT MultiPTT 2C Plus CT-WirelessPTT
CT ClipCom BoomMike
CT HD Headset
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