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Two-way radio
VHF/UHF two-way communication is about getting the message through no matter the size of your business or business area. By simply pressing a button, you can contact one or one hundred people, instantly. That is the power of two-way radio. Unlike any other form of communication, two-way can link individuals or entire groups together without costly usage fees and you even have access to telephone. Two-way radio is what today's smart business people use to stay competitive whether working in a warehouse, on construction sites or as a firefighter. They know that through effective two-way communication their customers' demands can be more quickly addressed and productivity can be dramatically increased. Two-way radio allows teams of employees to stay in constant communication, working towards a common goal - getting the job done.

HF Integrated Voice, Fax and Data Systems
High frequency radio solutions that covers all your requirements, including voice, email, fax, data and GPS tracking! The capabilities of the modern HF radio technology produced are similar to satellite systems, but the cost savings are considerable being free-to-air with much less initial capital outlay for both mobile and base communication units. Further it is built to operate effectively in the most extreme environments’ radio allows email, charts and maps, paging messages and spreadsheets to be quickly received and transmitted and you have the option of telephone interconnect. The technology is remarkably flexible and you can easily mix voice, fax and data services as required.  

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